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Whether you are looking for whole chickens, cuts or processed chicken specialities, your Flemish supplier of chicken meat will be happy to answer your specific commercial questions. Thanks to the personal service of the Flemish chicken suppliers, the products are cut and packed specifically to meet your needs. What’s more, all chicken meat from Flanders also complies with very strict quality standards and hygiene measures.

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From whole bird to chicken specialty

To supplement the different cuts, the Flemish chicken suppliers also offer chicken products that meet the needs of the food industry:

  • Processed meats on the basis of chicken.
  • Breaded chicken products.
  • Culinary chicken products.

Food safety

Safeguarding every consumer’s health is what the entire Belgian chicken chain stands for. From breeding to transport, slaughter, packing, export and consumption. Food safety, animal welfare and transparency without compromise are the cornerstones of this approach.

Traceability: complete identification

In the past ten years, Belgium has worked to get to the top of food safety. The Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC), together with the Federal Public Service for Health and Food Chain Safety, has created a network that guarantees food and plant safety through the entire chain. Each product can be completely identified and is fully in line with the transparency of the European product systems. Consequently, as the buyer of Flemish chicken meat, you can obtain complete information from the origin of the meat to the feed the animal was given.


The Belplume programme comprises measures for the entire production pillar of the meat of broilers, to promote the quality of chicken meat, animal welfare and optimisation of the entire production column. > www.belplume.be

Family businesses: commitment and continuity

Flemish chicken suppliers are often family businesses where the second or even third generation is currently stepping in. Family businesses have a typical corporate culture with great commitment. That means amongst other things that the employees handle the products, equipment and technology with great care. So you can count on the best quality and service. Within smaller family businesses, the know-how is furthermore passed on from one generation to the next, which guarantees continuity.

Modern professionalism

A progressive approach to hygiene and advanced automation: that’s what sets the Belgian chicken sector apart. Flemish suppliers of chicken meat have invested heavily in these qualities. And it is precisely thanks to their innovative approach to the product offered and packaging that allows them to stand out.

Your Flemish supplier, your partner

Cut as you want it? Does the packaging meet your marketing needs? Ask your Belgian supplier of chicken meat. After all, the family businesses in the northern part of Belgium: Flanders, are able to meet your specific needs. They offer solutions that meet the strictest standards.

Flemish chicken meat is exported to every corner of the world. Such international cooperation requires a strong foundation. A stable contract depends on a climate of confidence. In their quest for continuity, Flemish suppliers will build a long-term partnership with you with the aim of achieving flexible, personal, fast cooperation based on trust.

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